Core Asset Group

When conducting a facelift of modern commercial buildings, it is not uncommon to find traces of past influence. Designer upon designer having left their mark in some way shape or form and often completely covering over or removing the work of the past.

Sitting in the heart of Botany road in growth suburb of Mascot, one such commercial renovation took place. But instead of stripping out all that was, this project allowed the past design elements to feature and breath life once again.

Core Asset Group is South Sydney's premier commercial real estate agency. They are leading the way offering high quality, high value properties. The mix of properties they sell is echoed through their renovated office space in Sydney.

As you enter via a frame-less glass sliding door you are greeted with the front office space. The modern cubicle desks are lit by two Trend Lighting ZDA Linear Pendants. The feature wall in this space has been stripped back to show a patchwork of concrete, paint and tile adhesive. The ceiling was also removed to expose the original woodwork dating back to the 1930's.

The staircase in the middle of the space allows natural light from the double height mezzanine to enter while recessed downlights on the second level ceiling light the space during the evening. The glass handrail offers minimal visual obstruction of the space and the wooden open staircase.

Strip lighting is then introduced beneath wood grain cabinetry onto a beautiful wooden tiled floor.

One of the highlights of the space, towards the rear of the office, is a reclaimed tiled wall that was exposed during renovations. The raw look of the concrete and stripped brickwork is wonderfully accentuated with a hidden recessed top-mounted strip-light. The cascading light shows every chip, chisel crack and facet making for a wonderfully dramatic feature wall. This wall is juxtaposed adjacent a pristine kitchen with clean sharp ultramodern lines. The contrast in textures is astounding.

The kitchen and lunch area is a further demonstration of unique lighting. Trend downlights offer the primary light source with strip-lighting illuminating the bench top. The gem in this space is the illuminated marble breakfast bar. Strip lighting is used to back light two thinly cut piece of marble.

Visitors are taken through a journey in this space and the creative use of lighting clearly demonstrate that you can do so much more when lighting textures, using reflections, illuminating transparent substrates and all the while highlighting the history that this building has hidden for so long.

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Location: Mascot, Sydney, NSW
Electrical Contractor: Proton Electric Co.