Neverland is the ultimate streetwear destination. They combine the most sought after selection of brands and accessories in men's urban fashion wear. Trend Lighting was commissioned by Complete Commercial Construction to supply a range of products to bring the QP Architecture vision to life across a number of outlets.

The stores lighting designs present a fresh industrial look with a unique lighting feature on entry. Reminiscent of a Christopher Nolan inspired Bat-cave, the entry makes for bright and eye catching focal point. Using a cluster of 600x600 led panels, customers experience stepping through a "wash of light" giving a clear separation between the shopping centre and the store interior. It also draws attention to branding elements on the shop floor.

To the middle of the store is a custom linear piece that draws attention to the center displays. Created with Slot ZDA suspended luminaires the piece helps to soften the light from the bright entry and illuminate the center store space.

The rest of the store consists of a combination of curated track spot lighting and strip lighting to create clear focal points that elevate the customer journey from entry to product to purchase.

Neverland attracts their core customers by presenting as a semi-industrial space with sculptured lighting and a neutral colour pallet, not too far removed from that of an art gallery or designer space, and have implemented lighting that allows their brand to be the centerpiece, flanked by quality products that take the spotlight.

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Location: Robina, QLD / Erina Fair, NSW
Designer: Quang Pham Architecture
Builder: Complete Commercial Construction