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Platinum P12

A visual masterpiece born from the fusion of timeless design and advanced technology
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With a surprising visual simplicity, Platinum is the result of extensive research and testing, fusing cutting-edge technology with timeless design.

Utilising energy efficient LED technology and delivering more than any other luminaire, our Platinum series is our most premium downlight series to date. Exceptional quality of light, a high lumen output, and low UV levels make this range ideal for so many applications. Install a high-quality Platinum LED downlight and see the benefits of high light efficiency, reduced glare, and a smooth and uniform beam distribution.
Platinum Series Standard ReflectorStandard ReflectorEngineered with Japanese alloy-based foil and tarnish free injection moulded twice vacuum metalised reflector, Platinum retains optical reflectance, offering reduced glare and a smooth uniform distribution.
Platinum Series Specular Dark ReflectorSpecular Dark ReflectorSpecular dark reflector has the same characteristics as the standard reflector but with bolder appearance. This was designed to push the aesthetic boundaries of Platinum, creating a wealth of different lighting possibilities.
Platinum Series Colour RenderingColour FidelityColour quality has always been the point of attention within our product development. With a high colouring index of 94+ and an R9 value of 50+, our Platinum delivers outstanding colour reproduction and accuracy. The Platinum range is also available with Nichia’s Optisolis colour technology.
Platinum Series LED ChipCeramic Nichia LEDNext to colour rendering, Platinum focuses on thermal management, utilising Japanese-made Nichia COB LED for superior thermal conductivity. This results to higher temperature stability and longer lifespan, delivering quality light like never before.
Platinum Series Thermal PasteThermal PastePlatinum utilises a high-quality grade thermal paste, specifically designed not to dry out or breakdown over time. Manufactured with high purity aluminium oxide particles and high density thermally conductive filler, this allows Platinum to achieve excellent thermal conductivity of up to 5.8W/mK.
Platinum Series Gel PhosphorGel PhosphorCombining aesthetics with functionality, our gel phosphor enables exceptional translucency and more even application thickness giving optimum colour consistency. This offers greater light transmission over traditional phosphor technologies.
Platinum Series Driver7th Generation DriverThis is our most reliable driver to date. Features include active primary and secondary filtering, inrush current buffering, flicker free circuitry (with 2.6 Mhz output frequency) and a double-sided fibreglass board. All Platinum drivers are Leading and Trailing Edge dimmable but are available with optional DALI controls.

Lighting gets better with Platinum 18

We believe that the profound meaning of light is fulfilled when it manages to create an ambience that evokes emotion while addressing human comfort and providing exceptional quality of light.
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